About Us

   Best Matric Hr. Sec. School, Arni  is dedicated to meeting the entire needs of every child according to individual abilities and to mould the pupil’s personality towards self-perfection. Our aim is to cultivate, in the child, an indomitable spirit and perfect perception to explore objectively, work hard and succeed from ordinary successes to inspired achievements.

   The School has carved an enviable niche for itself by virtue of not just the outstanding results of the Secondary Exam. results, but, more importantly, in terms of all its pupils becoming all-round personalities who are recognized for their unique abilities and individualizes.

   Today, our alumnus is doing us proud by occupying top positions in leading corporate enterprises where they have kept the Best School flag flying high with our Motto: Educate, Illuminate, Serve

The School is presently headed by its Trustees, who passionately pursues excellence where no stone is left upturned till the best is provided for our pupils.

We believe in personal interaction between the student and teacher. To facilitate this, we have a low Teacher: Pupil ratio.

The School has well-developed infrastructure including well-equipped Science laboratories, Math Lab, Computer Science lab, 2 Audio Visual Rooms, Art and Craft Centre, well-stocked Library and Reading Room, Language laboratory and learning Centers for pre-primary and Primary School.

We believe in holistic development of the pupil and no effort is spared to ensure 100% participation by pupils in all areas of Scholastic and non-scholastic activities.

We subscribe to Multiple Intelligences in practice by its incorporation in all our teaching/learning plans and Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning objectives as well as other methodologies are incorporated into the learning process so as to make learning truly meaningful.

Our Classrooms do come alive when students carry out activities to enhance their understanding beyond the text and learning becomes a life long process than a one shot test with grades.

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